2-D-1: The #SUGARKILLS Blogging Project

The blogging project that I found pretty cool was #SUGARKILLS: A Careful Look at The Not-So Sweet Side of the Tastes We Love. It consisted of a group of middle school students that began studying how much sugar is in the food we eat. The idea for this blog project came about from the New York City Soda Ban. They wanted to raise awareness about the negative effects of sugar. What most impressed me about this blog was that it was middle school students doing the research. With the plethora of food items that are available in stores and restaurants that are masked to be healthy, it is very important for kids and teens to be aware of the unhealthy food in disguise and not just the ones that we know are bad.

I could possibly do something similar in my classroom and have students create charts in Excel to compare the various sugar content in foods they eat on a regular basis. Then instead of presenting their findings in a PowerPoint or brochure in Publisher, I could have them create a blog post about their findings.

This is a fantastic blogging project that I will be following! You can also find them on Twitter using the #sugarkills hashtag. Great job Mr. Ferriter!!!


One thought on “2-D-1: The #SUGARKILLS Blogging Project

  1. Hi! I am so impressed with not only the creation of this blog, but the apparent work that goes into each of the blog posts. I am a teacher in Pennsylvania and absolutely love this blogging project. It’s so well put together and professional looking that I am going to share it with other teachers that are studying to become online teachers. Kudos to all of you and keep the posts coming!!


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